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Aircraft profiles by Marek Radomski

Marek Radomski has been active as an aviation artist since 1980s. He specializes in drawing the profiles of aircraft, from the pioneer-era aircraft to the latest jet types. His works display a perfect representation of form and detail and a mastery of light contrasts. He has created hundreds of aircraft profiles, combined in series such as “The Aircraft of the Polish Aviation”, “Record-Breaking Aeroplanes”, “Aircraft of the Second World War”. Many were published in aviation press and literature.
Contact: marek_radomski@interia.pl




Aviation art by Piotr Łopalewski

Piotr Łopalewski graduated in 1974 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Industrial Design. Among his fields of work is painting and functional graphics (illustration, poster, graphic design). His works reveal a fascination with technology and machines. His artistic biography comprises over a hundred individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His preferred technique is spray painting. Presented works belong to a metaphorical-surrealistic series called “Aeromania”.


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