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Aircraft engine: Mikulin M-34

Mikulin M-34
inline engine

Configuration:12-cylinder "V"
Displacement:45.8 l (2,795 cu in)
Maximum power:850 hp at 1,800 RPM
Climb power:750 hp at 1,740 RPM
Compression ratio:6.0
Weight:582 kg (1,283 lb)

First indigenous mass-produced inline engine of the USSR.

A V engine fitted with a centrifugal supercharger, designed by a team led by Alexander Alexandrovich Mikulin in 1931. It was designed as a result of USSR’s aim to create modern engine industry, producing high power aircraft engines. After the technology had been perfected, the engine entered production in 1932. The first series produced engines appeared in 1933.

The M-34 proved to be a very perspective design. In the following years many modifications were applied, like the reduction gear, metal vaiable pitch propeller, refined supercharger and other technology and design changes, increasing the power of the engine. On the basis of the M-34 the AM-35A, AM-38, AM-42 engines, used in various famous World War II aircraft, were designed. Heavy weight, which caused, that the engine was suitable only for large aircraft was a drawback of the M-34.

The engine was used in the Tupolev TB-3 and Petlyakov TB-7 (Pe-8) bombers as well as in Beriev MBR-2 flying boat.


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