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Aircraft engine: Klimov RD-500

Klimov RD-500
jet engine

Configurationsingle-spool turbojet with single-stage dual-entry centrifugal compressor and single-stage axial flow turbine
Thrust1590 kG (15.6 kN / 3,600 lbf)

In 1947, Soviet Union bought from Great Britain a batch of Rolls Royce Derwent and Rolls Royce Nene engines along with specification sheets. This purchase enabled the Soviets to catch up with world's leaders in aviation technology. For the production of the engines the Russians used already their own technologies. The technical and operating parameters of the RD-500 were comparable with its western equivalents.

The Rolls Royce Derwent was produced as the RD-500. It powered Yakovlev Yak-23 and Lavochkin La-15 aircraft.



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