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Aircraft engine: Tumansky RD-9B

Tumansky RD-9B
jet engine

Maximum dry thrust2,600 kG (14,991 lbf, 66.7 kN)
Maximum thrust with afterburner3,250 kG (21,164 lbf, 94.1 kN)
Cruise thrust1,750 kG
Fuel consumption1470 kg/h at cruise thrust

Single-spool axial flow turbojet engine with afterburner with nine-stage compressor. It has the bleed air dump control system depending on the compression ratio. From the compressor the air flows to ten annular combustion chambers mounted in common coating. The axial flow gas turbine has two stages. Behind it the afterburner chamber with hydraulically-regulated nozzle is situated.

The RD-9 was designed in early 1950s at Mikulin Design Bureau as a light, powerful engine for fighter aircraft. It was also manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. It was used in MiG-19S, MiG-19P, MiG-19PM and Yak-25 aircraft.



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