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Aircraft engine: Lorraine Dietrich 12 Eb (LD 450, Typ 14)

Lorraine Dietrich 12 Eb (LD 450, Typ 14)
inline engine
po 1924

Configuration12-cylinder W (6 blocks with 2 cylinders each)
Displacement24.4 l (1,489 cu. in)
Compression ratio6
Weight395 kg (871 lb)
Maximum power450 hp at 1,850 RPM

One of the most popular engines in Polish military aviation of the 1920s and 1930s.

The LD-12 Eb was designed by engineers led by Marius Barbarou at Lorraine-Dietrich in Argenteuil in 1922. It went throught tests during 1923/1924 and was approved for use at the end of 1924. The success was assured when the engine was chosen to power Potez XXV aircraft. Ca. 8,000 examples were built. Among its applications were Breguet XIX, Levasseur PL.4 and PL.8 ("L'Oise blanc" flown by Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli during transatlantic flight attempt), Fokker F.VII.

Poland bought 723 examples followed by licence production at Polish Skoda Works in Warsaw. In all, Polish military aviation received as many as 1,020 examples. They were used in the following aircraft: SPAD 61C1, Breguet XIX B2, Potez XXV A2/B2, PWS-10.



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