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Aircraft engine: Klimow GTD-350

Klimow GTD-350
turbine engine

Weight135 kg
Time between overhauls1,000 hours
Maximum power400 hp
Climb power320 hp

A turbine twin-shaft helicopter engine. It is fitted with two turbines, one of which, mounted on the same shaft as the compressor drives the compressor, and the other, free turbine, mounted on a separate shaft, drives the engine’s drive shaft via reduction gear. This construction is typical for small turbine helicopter engines.

The engine was designed on the turn of 1950s and 1960s at Klimov Design Bureau in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) under the supervision of Sergey Petrovich Isotov. The engine was similar to American Allison 250 turboshaft. In 1961, the prototype of Mi-2 Soviet light helicopter powered by two GTD-350 engines made its maiden flight.

In January 1964 an agreement between governments of the USSR and Poland concerning the production of the Mi-2 at WSK-Świdnik in Poland and the GTD-350 engine at WSK-Rzeszów was signed. Subsequently, technical documentation of the prototypes was delivered to Poland.

The production of the GTD-350 engine began in 1966 at WSK Rzeszów. Over 11,000 examples have been built. The engine has undergone several upgrades during the production run.


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