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Helicopter: Bell CH-136 Kiowa

Bell CH-136 Kiowa
observation helicopter

  • Technical data

Rotor diameter 10.77 m (32,8 ft)
Fuselage length
Take-off weight 1360 kg (3,000 lb)
Maximum speed 222 km/h (120 kt)
Ceiling 5,800 m (19,000 ft)
Range 481 km (299 NM)
Armament One M134 7.62 mm Minigun mounted on the M27 Armament Subsystem, or one M129 40 mm Grenade Launcher mounted on the XM8 Armament Subsystem
Powerplant :
one Allison T63-A-700 turboshaft engine, rated at 317 hp
Virtual-tour :


Military version of one of the world's most popular helicopters.

In 1960 r. US Army announced a contest for new, turbine powered four seat Light Observation Helicopter (LOH). Bell Helicopter Company developed the project D-250, designated as YHO-4. On this project a Model 206 was based, designated YOH-4A. In 1962 five prototypes for Army tests were built. The Bell design lost to the OH-6A helicopter designed by Hughes company, which was chosen in 1965. After the rejection by the Army Bell made several improvements and commenced production of the civil version, designated Bell 206A JetRanger, used in many countries.

In 1967 US Army announced another competition, because of Hughes’ production problems. The Bell company submitted the Model 206A, which was pronounced the winner and entered service as Bell OH-58A Kiowa in 1969. In August 1969 the first Kiowas saw combat in Vietnam in the Air Cavalry units. 45 helicopters were lost during the Vietnam war.

The Bell OH-58 underwent upgrades during the 1970s and 1980s. Initially the OH-58C version, with more powerful engine and enhanced avionics was developed. In 1981 the prototype of the OH-58D version made its maiden flight. The OH-58D features more powerful engine and new transmission gear, four bladed rotor and Mast Mounted Sight above the rotor, with a gyro-stabilized platform containing a TeleVision System (TVS), a Thermal Imaging System (TIS), and a Laser Range Finder/Designator (LRF/D). The armed version is designated OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. The OH-58Ds cooperate with the AH-64 Apaches in hunter – killer teams, indicating targets to destroy.

In 1970 Canadian Forces ordered 74 OH-58As, designated CH-136 to replace Hiller UH-12 Nomad helicopters and Cessna L-19 aircraft in the observation role. They were delivered between 1971 and 1982 and remained in service till 1995. Other operators apart from the US and Canada are Austria, Australia, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

The helicopter on display, serial number 71-20920, army number 136255 was donated by the Canadian Forces in 2010.


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