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Storehouses: Croses EC-3 Pouplume

Croses EC-3 Pouplume
homebuilt aircraft

  • Technical data

Span 7.8 m ( 25.6 ft)
Length 4.7 m (15.4 ft)
Take-off weight 220 kg (485 lb)
Maximum speed 70 km/h (37.8 kt, 43.5 mph)
Powerplant :
a Volkswagen car engine with 1,200 cm3 (73 cu in) displacement


A French single-seat ultralight aircraft designed by Emilien Croses, inspired by Henri Mignet’s Pou du Ciel design, intended as a cheap “people’s aeroplane”. Pouplume was a tandem biplane with fixed landing gear, sold as a DIY set. Like its predecessor, the plane was void of typical elevator and ailerons, and pitch control was possible by means of changing forward wing’s angle of attack.

In Poland since 1977 there flew one Pouplume example. It was built following original French plans by Józef Gorszczyński, a Silesian Aero Club pilot. The example was donated to the Museum in 2009 by Ms. Halina Gorszczyńska, daughter of the late Mr. Gorszczyński. Once restored, the plane will be put on permanent display.



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