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85 mm air defense gun M1939 (KS-12)

85 mm air defense gun M1939 (KS-12)
anti-aircraft gun

Barrel length55.5 calibers
Combat weight4900 kg (10,803 lb)
Vertical range10,500 m (34,448 ft)
Horizontal range15.5 km (9.63 mi)
Rate of fire20 rounds per minute
Elevation-3° ÷ +82°
Muzzle velocity800 m/s (2625 ft/s)

A Soviet WWII air defense gun.

This semi-automatic anti-aircraft gun was developed in the Soviet Union prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. When Germany opened hostilities with the USSR in June 1941, the gun had already been supplied to Soviet forces in large numbers. The M1939 remained the primary medium caliber anti-aircraft gun of the Soviet forces throughout the war. Designed to combat aircraft, the gun was nevertheless used sporadically deployed in the anti-tank role.

Apart from the Soviet Union, the gun was operated during the war by the People's Army of Poland. After the war the gun was adopted by most countries of the Eastern Bloc and others that were supplied with weapons by the USSR. The M1939 remained in service for many years after WWII.



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