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Helicopter: WSK SM-2

USSR / Poland
utility helicopter

  • Technical data

Rotor diameter 14.34 m (47 ft)
Fuselage length 12.08 m (39 ft 7 in)
Take-off weight
Maximum speed 2,493 kg (5,496 lb)
Ceiling 3,500 m (11,500 ft)
Range 310 km (193 mi / 167 NM)
Powerplant :
7-cylinder radial engine Lit-3 rated at 575 hp


After starting production of the SM-1, a team of Polish designers led by J. Tyrcha began in 1957–1959 to design an improved version, called the SM-2. Attention was paid to the overpowered engine, which could allow the helicopter to carry more load. An entirely new fuselage with a comfortable cockpit, accommodating four passengers and one pilot, was designed. A stretcher could be loaded in through the open front fuselage. Wide sliding doors on both sides made stepping in and out easier and allowed for rescue operations. A big glassed nose ensured excellent visibility. The engine, rotor, tail boom, steering rotor and undercarriage were borrowed from the SM-1.

During service, a drop in performance was noticed. After tests, it was shown that the reason was an engine power drop. It was caused by the carburettor air intake, sucking hot air from the cooling system. 85 SM-2 examples were produced. Some were exported to Czechoslovakia. The Polish Air Force bought 80 examples. A few were still in service as air ambulances as late as 1979.


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