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Glider: IS-B Komar 49

IS-B Komar 49
advanced training glider

  • Technical data

Span 15.8 m (51 ft 10 in)
Length 6.75 m (22 ft 1 in)
Wing area 17.4 sq m (187 sq ft)
Empty weight 148 kg (326 lb)
Take-off weight 225 kg (496 lb)
Glide ratio 19 at 64 kph (40 mph, 35 kt) optimum speed
Sink rate 0.8 mps (2.62 fps) at 58 kph (36 mph, 31 kt) economy speed
Minimum speed 44 kph (27 mph, 24 kt)
Max. diving speed 140 kph (87 mph, 76 kt)


A single seater training glider of wooden construction in the strutted upper wing configuration.

In 1933, Antoni Kocjan designed and built a glider named the Komar (gnat) followed by an improved variant with increased rigidity, the Komar-bis. 67 gliders were built until the outbreak of the Second World War. They served for training and for performance flights. Fifteen domestic records were established on Komars. In 1937, the Polish pilot Wanda Modlibowska established the world record of flight duration – 24 hrs and 14 min. Komars were built on licence in Bulgaria, Estland, Finland, France, Palestine, Romania and Yugoslavia (where seven domestic records were established on this gliders).

In 1947, at the Gliding Institute, engineer Marian Wasilewski basing on the original drawings of the glider, modified its construction to contemporary demands. The first flight of the new Komar took place on 16th January 1948. Five examples built that year bore the designation Komar 48. The next batch of 18 examples was produced under the name Komar 49. The gliders had a very good opinion among pilots and were in service with aero clubs until 1965. Flying the SP-732 Komar 48 on 19–20 October 1949, Polish pilot Stanisław Wielgus established the world record flight duration, lasting 35 hrs 14 min.

The SP-985 Komar 49 glider displayed at the PAM was produced at the Jeżów Glider Workshop. Next, it was used at the Szczecin Aero Club and the Glider School at the Żar mountain.



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