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Glider: SZD-22 Mucha Standard

SZD-22 Mucha Standard
training and intermediate performance glider

  • Technical data

Span 15.0 m
Length 7.0 m
Wing area 12.75 m2
Empty weight 236 kg
Take-off weight 326 kg
Glide ratio 27.8 at 75 km/h optimum speed.
Sink rate 0.73 m/s at 71 km/h economy speed
Minimum speed 59 km/h
Max. diving speed 250 km/h


Five years after designing the Mucha 100 there appeared a far-reaching evolution, the Mucha Standard. It differed from its predecessor not only in silhouette but most of all in signinficant construction changes. The designers were two engineers: Władysław Nowakowski and Rudolf Grzywacz.

Two prototypes were flown on the 10th February and the 6th June 1958 consecutively. In the same year they took part in the World Gliding Championships in Leszno. In the first prototype, the SP-1749 Polish pilot Adam Witek won the championships in the standard class.

8 SZD-22A Mucha Standard were built in series and after introducing some changes in the construction, a further 40 SZD-22B gliders were built. The subsequent SZD-22C version was produced in two series, production totalling 286 Mucha Standard of all versions altogether.

In the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s the Mucha Standard was the basic equipment of Polish aero clubs. Around 90 gliders were exported.

In total, the "Mucha" family counted 700 gliders of different types.


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