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Glider: SZD-25A Lis

SZD-25A Lis
training and intermediate performance glider

  • Technical data

Span 15,0 m
Length 7 m
Wing area 12,75 m2
Empty weight 230 kg
Take-off weight 315 kg
Glide ratio 27 at 75,2 km/h optimum speed
Sink rate 0,76 m/s at 69,1 km/h
Minimum speed 59 km/h
Max. diving speed 230 km/h


This is a training and performance glider of mixed construction and a mid- wing configuration.
It was designed at the Bielsko-Biała SZD Works in 1960 by a team led by engineer Zbigniew Badura. The glider was developed thanks to the already existing "Mucha Standard" wing and the fuselage of the SZD-16 "Gil" glider, which combined the truss front part, the rear part metal tube and the wooden stabilisers.
The prototype of "Lis" (fox), SP-1621 was flown on 5th March 1960. After flight tests some changes aiming at the improvement of the low speed flight characteristics were introduced. The modified second prototype, the SZD-25 A, (numbered SP-2342) was flown on 16th August 1960. serial production started at the Sport Aviation works in Krosno. In 1962, aeroclubs received 18 gliders, the following 12 were exported.
The exhibit on display, SP-2356 was produced in 1961. It flew with the Ziemia Piotrkowska Aeroclub and was handed over to the museum in 1981.



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