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Storehouses: Janowski J-1 Prząśniczka / Don Quixote

Janowski J-1 Prząśniczka / Don Quixote
homebuilt aircraft

  • Technical data

Span 7.60 m
Length 4.88 m
Take-off weight 270 kg
Maximum speed 150 km/h
Ceiling 2500 m
Range 250 km
Armament none
Powerplant :
1x Staturn 500B two-cylinder flat engine, 23 hp (17 kW)


The J-1 Prząśniczka is a single-seat homebuilt aeroplane, the first design by Jarosław Janowski of Łódź. With this type began a whole series of Janowski's single-seat, pusher propeller driven aircraft. The plane was built in 1967-1970 by J. Janowski, S. Polawski and W. Kalita, in an 18 m2 room in a third floor flat. It was first flown by Jerzy Orłowski.

In 1976, with many difficulties, the aircraft was finally registered as the SP-0002. In 1981, the Prząśniczka was badly damaged in an air accident at Łódź-Lublinek airfield. Subsequently, the damaged aircraft reached the Polish Aviation Museum where it was restored in 2008 by Wojciech Klimek.

After 1970, J. Janowski applied American air regulations to the plane's construction plans, which enabled building the type abroad. The modified aircraft known as the J-1A Don Quixote are flown in many countries. In the USA the aircraft is also produced as a kit-plane.

The J-1 Prząśniczka is a single-seat strutted high wing aeroplane of wooden construction with fixed landing gear. A two-stroke, twin carburettor 500 cm3 engine made of two MZ motorcycle engines components powers a two-blade wooden pusher propeller.


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