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Aircraft engine: General Electric J79-GE-11A

General Electric J79-GE-11A
jet engine

Configurationsingle-spool turbojet with 17-stage axial compressor
Masa1630 kg (3,600 lb)
Maximum dry thrust45 kN (4,535 kG/10,000 lbf)
Maximum thrust with afterburner70.28kN (7,165 kG/15,800 lbf)

An engine designed for combat aircraft to travel at twice the speed of sound.

The GE J79 turbojet engine was designed by General Electric in the USA in mid-1950s. A characteristic feature of the J79 engine is the variable geometry of stator vanes, enabling flying with supersonic speed with minimum risk of the compressor stall and flameout.

The engine was built in several versions and powered such American aircraft as Lockheed F‑104 Starfighter, Convair B‑58 Hustler, North American RA‑5 Vigilante, McDonnell F‑4 Phantom II and the Israeli IAI Kfir. The J79‑GE‑11A variant was developed for the export fighter bomber version of the Starfighter, the F‑104G. These engines were built in the US and on licence in West Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada and Japan.


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