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SURN 1S91M1 radiolocator vehicle (NATO: Straight Flush)

SURN 1S91M1 radiolocator vehicle (NATO: Straight Flush)
anti-aircraft rocket system

A component of the SA-6 Gainful mobile anti-aircraft missile system from the 1970s.

A target acquisition and distribution radar system SURN 1S91M1(SSWN) on tracked vehicle belonging to the 2K12 Kub (SA-6 Gainful) mobile anti-aircraft missile system. Other components of the system include up to 4 SPU 2P25M1(SW) TELs (transport-erector-launchers), 3M9ME or 3M9M3E (PRK) guided missiles, two trucks used for transporting additional rockets, the K-1 automatized fire control system plus additional equipment.

The Kub was developed in the early 1960s in the OKB-134 GKAT design bureau. In 1966 it entered mass production and was adopted by the USSR armed forces. Until the early 1980s over 2,000 units were manufactured, out of which 1,100 were exported (including circa 440 to Warsaw Pact countries). The Soviet Army had around 875 systems in line.

The 2K12 combat debut came during the Jom Kippur War in October 1973, when Egyptian and Syrian Kubs downed 30 Israeli aircraft (in addition to several friendly ones). Other notable conflicts in which the 2K12 took part were First and Second Persian Gulf wars (Iraqi forces) and the war in former Yugoslavia (Serbian forces). The Kub system is still operated by Polish Armed Forces.


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