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Glider: WWS-2 Żaba

WWS-2 Żaba
primary training glider

  • Technical data

Span 9.3 m
Length 5.45 m
Wing area 13.8 m2
Empty weight 85 kg
Take-off weight 164 kg
Glide ratio 11 at 54 km/h optimum speed
Sink rate 1.23 m/s at 45 km/h economy speed
Minimum speed 43 km/h
Max. diving speed


This is a school glider of wooden construction with strutted high-wing configuration.

It was designed by the engineer Wacław Czerwinski. The prototype was built at the Military Gliding Workshops and was flown in 1937 at the Rakowice airfield in Krakow. Having good and safe-in flight construction - it entered into serial production at the WWS in Krakow, as the Żaba (frog). Experience gained during its service, led to the further development of the glider which became known as the Żaba-bis which was produced at the Aviation Workshops in Lvow.

The Żabas were in service with all the gliding schools in Poland. Until the outbreak of the Second World War, 140 examples were built totally in Krakow and Lvow. Worth noticing is the introduction of ergonomic research, (done during the initial stage), which led to the designing of the specially shaped pilot's seat, which protected the pilot's backbone during hard landings. Also, introduced was the oil-pneumatic shock absorber placed between the landing skid and the trussed fuselage.

One of the WWS Żaba-2, bearing the SP-1265 registration was hidden throughout the war in Krosno and after the war, it remained in service with the SP-167 registration since 1947 until 1950. It reached the museum's collection in 1964.



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