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Glider: IS-3 ABC-A

primary training glider

  • Technical data

Span 9 m (29 ft 6 in)
Length 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in)
Wing area 13.5 sq m (145,3 sq ft)
Empty weight 105 kg (231 lb)
Take-off weight 185 kg (408 lb)
Glide ratio 9.2 at 53 km/h (33 mph, 29 kt) optimum speed
Sink rate 1.5 mps (4.9 fps) at 48 kph (30 mph, 26 kt) economy  speed
Minimum speed 45 km/h (28 mph, 24 kt)
Max. diving speed 135 km/h (83 mph, 73 kt)


The first single-seat training glider designed and produced in Poland after the Second World War.

This simple and cheap construction was intended for the mass initial training (the A and B category). Safe and easy in flying, the strutted high wing glider with trussed fuselage could take off with the help of winch. The prototype, designed by engineers: Rudolf Mats and Roman Zatwarnicki at the Gliding Institute in Bielsko-Biała, was flown in December 1947, by Piotr Mynarski. The first serial production example took to the air already in September 1948.

Basing on the experiences gained during several years service three subsequent versions were developed: the ABC-ter with fixed wings and stabilizer, the ABC-bis with foldable wings and stabilizer and the ABC-A with further modifications. The ABC gliders could be equipped with specially designed for it, light cockpit. In total, 250 ABC gliders were produced including those built for export to People's Republic of China. The ABC gliders were withdrawn from service with the aero clubs by the end of the 1950s, due to the shift to double controls gliders.

The SP-1697 IS-3 ABC-A glider, displayed at the museum belonged to the Tatra Aero Club in Nowy Targ.



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