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Glider: SZD-9 bis Bocian 1A

SZD-9 bis Bocian 1A
high performance glider

  • Technical data

Span 18,1 m
Length 8,2 m
Wing area 20,0 m2
Empty weight 326 kg
Take-off weight 500 kg
Glide ratio 26 at 80 km/h optimum speed
Sink rate 0,82 m/s at 71 km/h economy speed
Minimum speed 52 km/h
Max. diving speed 200 km/h


A two seater, all-wooden glider with a forward swept (improving visibility), cantilever wing equipped with divided, slotted ailerons and plate brakes.

In 1950, at Experimental Glider Works in Bielsko-Biała, the decision was made to design a two-seater high performance glider to replace the earlier SZD-C "Żuraw" (German "Kranich"), still in production at the time.
The glider, named the SZD-9 "Bocian" (stork), was designed by engineers: Marian Wasilewski, Roman Zatwarnicki and Justyn Sandauer.

In March 1952, the factory test pilot Adam Ziętek flew the glider for the first time. The second prototype flew in June, the same year. The tests made during flight took a year. Experiences gained, led to the serial version's design, named the SZD-9 bis:"Bocian 1A".

Production started at the Sport Aviation Glider Works in Jeżow (ZSLS Nr 2). The serial "Bocian 1A" took to the air for the first time in March 1953. The construction was continuously improved and a few serially built (the 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E) versions were developed. The experimental 1Z and the "Bocian Puls" (powered by pulse jet engines) were also built.

Several world records were established on the "Bocians", including the homing flight on 544 km distance, the 11,680 m gain in height flight and the 108 km/h triangle flight speed record. During the World Championships in 1956, in Saint Yan, France, the Polish team came sixth in the two seater class. Production of the "Bocian Gliders" ended 1977, after producing 654 examples. Many were exported and several still fly at the Polish aeroclubs.

The example on display flew at the Krakow Aero Club with a total time of 1094 hrs 17min. After being written off, it was handed over to the Museum in May 1974.



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